Five ways you can protect your oak furniture

Buying oak furniture may be big investment, therefore it's wise to care for each and every piece that you have. Although oak is a unique kind of furniture that requires special care, it is also a type of furniture that's not overly challenging to take care of. You CAn't only protect it from damage, but prolong its life as a useful feature of your home also by maintaining your oak furniture. Continue reading to learn just how easy it's to look after your wooden furniture pieces and enjoy them for many years in the future.

Condition Your Wood

Conditioning the wood is one of the primary things that should be achieved when you buy oak furniture. This requires just a few minutes of your time and is easy to do by yourself. When you condition the furniture you will be able to prevent while also helping to generate the right look in your house, many stains that will otherwise happen. It is possible to condition just about any type of wood furniture, including chairs and tables.

Dusting keeps the bunnies away and ensures that your furniture looks its best. Along with routine dusting, be sure that the pieces clean with the oil-based cleanser every three to four months.

While you need to follow all of the above mentioned measures for outside pieces, additionally it is vital that you simply add the furniture and a watertight coating. Outside oak furniture usually takes an excellent little bit of damage with the various weather conditions it must endure. Without this waterproofing your furniture may look old and worn long.

Keeping the oak furniture out of direct sun is still another strategy to keep the pieces looking their finest. When it really is in constant contact sun will damage any kind of wood. That is not the change that you want to view your furniture in, so keep it away!

When using oak tables use coasters and table covers. Water and other liquids can stain oak furniture. Covers and Coasters can be purchased at many different home stores at affordable prices. Invest in them and gain greatly.

Worth the Effort

Even though it does need a bit of work to help keep your oak furniture looking great, it's very much something that's worth doing if you genuinely wish to keep up with the longevity of your pieces. And why would you not wish to? Furniture isn't the cheapest thing in your house, especially when you are investing in quality pieces, such as Oak Furniture Land furniture. Make last and that furniture last and choose the greatest care of it, and you'll have the ability to appreciate it for a lengthy time indeed!

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Mediterranean Diet The Focus Of Greek Food Startups

By now, you've surely heard about the new fad in dieting that reduces the risk of heart disease, not to mention boasts healthy weight loss when paired with exercise: the Mediterranean Diet.

After World War II, a study led by Ancel Keys of the Mayo Foundation examined the diets and health of almost 13,000 middle-aged men in the US, Japan, Italy, Greece (including Crete), the Netherlands, Finland, and Yugoslavia. Remarkably, well-fed American men had higher rates of heart disease than those in countries whose diets had been restricted by the deprivations of war. It was the men of Crete, arguably the poorer people of the study, who enjoyed the best cardiovascular health. This was due to physical labor and their unique food pyramid.

Legumes. Eat dried beans, lentils, or garbanzo beans 2 or 3 times a week. Nutrition experts at the Michigan State University tell us that eating 2 to 4 cups of cooked legumes every week could boost our heart health. %mediterranean diet menu plan% Dry beans have fiber that could reduce cholesterol from the body. Eat legumes and a piece of whole grain bread to have the perfect protein. Vegetable protein does not put a load on kidneys as animal protein does.

Lunch would account for 350 to 400 calories. As always, emphasize fresh and minimally processed foods. Lunches would be made up of bean based soups, salads with beans and an olive oil dressing, light seafood or poultry dishes and whole grains. Hummus and vegetables in a whole wheat pita is an example of a plant based sandwich that would make a tasty lunch option. Ideally lunch should include at least three fruit or vegetable servings.

Dinner would be in the 400 calorie range. Dinner options are virtually identical to lunch, with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, legumes and whole grains. For variety, grains like Quinoa, though not traditionally Mediterranean, can be used in salads or as a side dish. Again, dinner should include at least three fruit and vegetable servings. Grilled fish and vegetables make a delicious dinner choice.

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best phoenix seo company

Smaller firms have got much to attain coming from Seo which is no exaggeration to convey that companies that doesn't inform Seo come in any considerably worse position compared to organizations who put cash straight into location world wide web search engine marketing techniques techniques. Phoenix SEO isn't really extremely unhelpful here. Why Seo? Seo presents small enterprises with lots of advantages that could possibly be what exactly I'm likely to take a look at below. For newbies in order to SEO, it can be suggested you first have a very speedy turn to only why it is crucial so you might comprehend speedy vocab guiding the particular value and also Search Engine Marketing typically as well as between our earlier articles, what is internet marketing techniques. 10 Benefits Of Phoenix SEO Business pertaining to small-scale companies Create understand user-friendly as well as improved site For entrepreneurs, Seo lets you produce a better, far more positive and also faster website pertaining to customers. About a site engines, SEO isn't only whatever the name however the value should be to the person. Study engines the particular Google tend to be satisfied in the very same period as soon as your clients are pleased. Seeking excellent on-site Seo strategies enhances your consumer- this specific and also come across results in many short-term long-term along with increases. Find clients which can be neat and help in In scenario you consider it, one of the many aspects a site will be is definitely ascertain and enhance your client base. It will be genuine that companies that does not get a website are created two times while speedily as through businesses having a site. Seo enables you to get work which are increased throughout world wide web position result websites, meaning evidently plus much more concentrated trips to be able to a lot more customers. Research areas that are new The world wide web is unquestionably on the list of fastest- market place places throughout Planet marketplace, however itis certainly not simply by yourself. A productive Seo method permits you take a look at thoroughly clean establishments and also to learn fresh areas. Cellular places as well as social networking software might take into consideration your guests amounts with an phase by augmenting your own Seo procedure. Achieve change costs which are greater An SEO- website can be fast, user-friendly suited and for merchandise and also cellular Computer products. This implies greater sales i.e. readers visiting with market can become dedicated visitors or perhaps customers, clients. Create model your own via work opportunities which can be better One from the invisible advantages of place inside the top areas in the SERPs is brand name reputation. Customers usually are must rely on an organization concept when they search for a while it seems inside preliminary areas instead of makers that doesn't have a internet site that may be fantastic. Smaller organizations that require creating organization popularity (equally regarding group objectives and creating nationwide) must placed dollars in to Seo and get top spots to the difficulties in connection with their particular company. That's possibly certainly not the particular 90is anymore and an important portion is conducted by searchengines to make or even destruction a firm name. Produce each of the fanbase through publication A wonderful Seo technique implies a fruitful method in addition to far more friends to develop a separate fanbase by means of book along with RSS feeds. These remedies the two was around prior to social media so theyare nonetheless genuinely substantial assets of guests. The marked the truth is numerous effective experts maintain in which virtually all of the income will come with the e mail databases instead of via change technique as well as cultural media. Hence, in addition in the event that you need to be functioning as part of your social network promoting it is very important permit the idea never to turn out to be extremely hard to the clientele a registration regarding newsletter and also your individual supply. What're the outcome in lots of situations may be the indisputable fact that a magazine carton is actually had through sites, people get into their particular emails a membership however the website never guides out and about the publication. Stay using newest innovative developments throughout sync The internet place firm is among the most fastest transforming areas within the World. Methods component adjust continually along with the actual are the you are able to be in synchronize utilizing the latest modifications consequently it can be for your benefit.


What Are The Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is not a diet" per se. It is a mix of the traditional eating habits of people living in Spain, Italy, France, Greece and the Middle East.

Barely a month goes by without new research revealing just how extraordinary the Mediterranean diet is. The love affair began in the 1950s, when researchers found there were huge differences between the longevity of people from Mediterranean countries and the rest of the world. A decade later, deaths from heart disease were 14 times higher in Finnish men compared with men from Crete.

Hello. My wife Sarah is following this diet. She says she feels a lot better already, and she has been following it for only 30 days. She loves the Mediterranean diet food and she actually enjoys being on this diet. She decided to start following it after reading ebook Mediterranean diet weight loss results" on Amazon. Here is her meal plan: On Mondays she eats Greek yogurt with strawberries and oats for breakfast. For lunch, she usually has whole grain sandwich with vegetables. And when it comes to dinner, she often makes tuna salad; dressed in olive oil (she loves it). It's really delicious. For a dessert she is allowed to take a piece of fruit.

All the subjects had cognitive function tests at the start of the study, but only 334 of them, or about 75%, completed a second round of brain evaluations at the end of the trial (after about four years of follow-up) to %mediterranean diet menu plan% assess the impact of the diets. Dropouts were equally distributed among the three diet groups, and had slightly worse cognitive function at the start of the study than the participants who stuck with the experiment.

Overall health research results are now attaching a Mediterranean food intake to long life, lesser heart related illnesses, lowered occasions for dementia and a number of types of cancer. Furthermore it is thought to help alleviate problems with Type-2 diabetic issues in addition to Parkinson's disorder in addition to gall bladder issues. That is definitely quite an impressive record. Yet at this point we will scrutinize if the Mediterrean area diet regimen also supports loss of weight.

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House Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is the pores and skin illness typified by redness, oozing, cracking and scaling of the skin. Eczema is brought on by exposure to extremes of heat, cold and emotional stress. Patients with eczema endure from itching and burning of pores and skin especially at night. Patches may appear on totally different components of the body but especially happens on arms, toes, ears and legs. Any one can have eczema at any age regardless of sex. Eczema also can trigger by native irritation of chemical substances, thermal and mechanical agents in individuals who're hypersensitive to any of those factors.

House Remedies for Eczema

Varied medicines are available to deal with eczema. However some individuals don't respond to these medicines. For such affected person's lot of home treatments for Eczema are additionally available.
Myristica Fragrans or Nutmeg Paste

2-three times day by day utility of nutmeg paste in water on sores may be very efficient to cut back patches.

Camphor and Sandal Powder Paste

Camphor and sandal powder paste can be a good dwelling treatment for eczema. Take Equal quantity of both combine them and make paste. Apply this paste on infected space twice a day for one week.

Aloe Vera
Ingesting Aloe Vera juice and application of Aloe Vera gel on effected space can also be considered as helpful to deal with pores and skin rashes of eczema natural treatment.

Musk Melon and Mangoes
Boiled pulp of mango in water and juice of musk melon is very glorious residence remedy for eczema. Peel off mango boiled in water let it cool after which apply this paste over eczema rash for 10 to 15 days. In the identical approach software of musk melon's juice over patches additionally useful to treat eczema.

Vegetables and Fruit Pastes
Regular application of paste of sure greens and fruits successfully reduce the itching, kill germs and in addition dry wound. These greens and fruits embody raw beans, pumpkin, cranberry, finger millet juice, paste or slice of potatoes and plain cabbage leaf. Strawberry paste is also use to treat eczema. Apply strawberry paste and cover the patch with clean cotton fabric or thick band aid. Strawberry paste is beneficial to make use of three to 4 instances a day for 1-2 weeks. These vegetable and fruit pastes are thought-about as very effective house treatments for eczema. Apart from these pastes it is also suggested to clean wounds with turmeric resolution and with boiled Neem leaves in water. Turmeric answer can prepare by including 2-3 teaspoons of turmeric in boiling water at low flame.

Weight loss plan as House Remedy for Eczema
Diet may act as effective dwelling remedy for eczema. Patients with eczema are instructed to use weight loss plan that is wealthy in vitamins (A, D, E and B advanced) and minerals (zinc and iron). Patients are advised to devour fruit and veggies with detrimental calories. Vegatables and fruits embrace carrot, cabbage, beet root, tomato, apple, papaya, lemon, mango, orange and grapes. Use of such fruits and vegetables clean the bowel from poisonous material that can trigger itching and skin diseases. Throughout food plan remedy patient is recommended to use only orange juice and water 3-4 occasions a day for one week. After one week affected person may take other meals objects like milk. When patient is getting improved he/she is suggested to take diet that features gram, cereals, inexperienced greens, salads and whole wheat flour bread. Oily and spicy food is completely prevented through the treatment.


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It recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables; generous portions of extra-virgin olive oil are included as well.

A study published in the journal Diabetologia in August 2013 suggests that people who follow a Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, compared with those who don't follow the eating style. The study was based on dietary and diabetes data from more than 22,295 people who were followed for more than 11 years. Researchers found that those who most closely adhered to a Mediterranean-style diet were 12 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who followed it the least.

A study published in January 2014 in the Annals of Internal Medicine focused on more than 3,500 seniors who were at high risk for heart disease but didn't yet have diabetes. After four years, the researchers found that individuals in a group that consumed a non-Mediterranean low-fat diet were most likely to develop diabetes. Those who followed a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil were least likely to develop the disease, followed by those on a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts.

Alcohol. What's a Mediterranean diet without wine? While certainly not required, a glass a day for women and two a day for men is fine if your doctor says so. Red wine has gotten a boost because %mediterranean diet menu plan% it contains resveratrol, a compound that seems to add years to life - but you'd have to drink hundreds or thousands of glasses to get enough resveratrol to possibly make a difference.

The results showed a 49%-62% decrease in diabetes risk in individuals who adhered to the diet on a medium to high basis, meaning they stuck to it as closely as possible. What's even more interesting is that the research noted that the participants who benefited the most from the reduction were men with a waist circumference of 94 or more, and women with a waist circumference of 80 or more.

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Lies You've Been Told About Camping Stuff

Examining your camping gear before, during and after each hike, in other words, all the time is great exercise. Looking through your gear piece by observe no matter whether it was needed to carry them at all. Look at how you wear your outfits to lessen the excess weight. In the method of tenting or climbing locate all the needless objects. I guarantee you that you will find new factors to discard every single vacation. The more backpacking one particular does the more factors you will discover to discard. Of program starting up out with manufactured light-weight tenting gear is the way to go.

Camping is a great way to invest time in the great outdoor and to get a refreshing crack from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day daily life. When you are out in nature, you can shut your eyes and enjoy the silence, or the birdsong at dawn, and momentarily forget about the office. Whether or not camping on your own, or with family or close friends, it is constantly essential to make investments in the proper gear for an satisfying and cozy trip. Several higher good quality camping sleeping bags will have additional sections for added ease and comfort and heat. While you can hold your fingers close to your entire body for warmth while you rest, your head can be susceptible to chilly if not properly insulated. Appear for additions to the bag such as a 'shaped' hood to in shape comfortably about your head to preserve your entire human body at a favorable temperature as you rest.

A checklist of essential products is a smart way to program for your experience with mother nature, and there is absolutely nothing more essential than a comfy camping sleeping bag to make sure that you get a wonderful night's relaxation ahead of each working day of hiking, swimming, fishing, or whichever activity you have appear to indulge in. When hunting to obtain the best sleeping equipment, you should usually search for an item that is produced with excellent substance, which is also as lightweight as achievable. When it will come to ease and comfort, you are positive to regret skimping on cash when it arrives to laying your head after a lengthy day's mountaineering.

Here are some tips for proper placement when backing your tenting equipment. Pack camping gear in sensible teams and stuff sacks in tiny bags. Be mindful when packing smaller items, they can poke if packed too loosely or change position when hiking and even get lost in your backpack. Start off with placing sleeping luggage on the bottom. They can assist lessen the stress on your shoulders. Heavy objects should be packed horizontally throughout the width of the backpack so the excess weight is similarly distributed. Depart the heaviest products closest to the center of your back again. Water bottles go in the aspect pockets it is ideal to have one on each facet of the pack. Poles for the tent should go in a side pocket and are secured with compression straps. These straps press the load nearer to the body of the pack for better balance and excess weight transfer with the majority of the bodyweight being in close proximity to your back again. This helps have a more relaxed hike. The tent human body goes properly in an exterior mesh pocket or at the bottom of a backpack. Items that are utilised typically during the day should be retained on a hip belt pocket or aspect pocket. Spare garments is best kept at the prime where you could get to them without unpacking. Fill all vacant area in your backpack. This will give the pack composition and quit the gear from shifting when you walk. A entirely loaded backpack should not tilt or twist.

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Myths, Facts, And Health Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

But adopting a truly Mediterranean approach to eating, especially that which stems from the island of Crete in Greece, is not as simple as many cookbooks would have us believe.

Eating dead animals is a disgusting habit, and the way they are currently raised and killed is cruel and immoral. But you cannot convince people by force. The government pointing a gun at their heads and forcing them to change their habits would only make them more stubborn — and more determined to stockpile automatic assault rifles to prepare for an armed revolution. It would be bad all the way around.

Eating dead animals is a disgusting habit, and the way these innocent sentient beings are currently being raised and killed on factory farms is cruel and immoral. But you cannot convince people by force. The government pointing %mediterranean diet menu plan% a gun at their heads and forcing them to change their habits would only make them more stubborn — and more determined to stockpile automatic assault rifles to prepare for an armed revolution. It would be bad all the way around.

Since the phytochemicals (healthy plant pigments) were higher in the blood, it means that more were absorbed when drinking a smoothie vs eating the whole fruit. And one of the many health benefits of phytochemicals is that they help our arteries be supple and less likely to constrict blood flow (increased endothelium-dependent vasodilation), thus reducing stoke and heart attack risk.

I think all of us can agree that statins, like any drug, have their negative side effects. And I would agree that most of us who frequent this site would prefer not to take them. If we can get all our lipids down to protective, atherosclerosis-reversing levels with a WFPB diet, more power to us. But it is important to recognize there are people who literally are not able to survive healthfully eating strictly plants.

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Carpet Sanitizing Tips/ Secrets And Techniques For Self-Cleaning Your Carpet

Although they were outdated and somewhat ugly, they really weren't worn. The technique can damage the fibers used in carpets that are made primarily for residential usage. Among these rooms, some popular and worth seen rooms are: reception, waiting room, ballroom, Medusa mosaic's room, room of icons, music room etc. To spruce up the outside of your home, try painting it.

It is for times like this that an electric shaver can come in handy. One can even go for ironing services offered by a service provider. Remember, on metal frames this can be done with some pressure.

Cleanliness is a significant factor for an office environment. Different set of equipment used by companies servicing carpet cleaning in seattle is needed for different cases. As they will be technically skilled and computer proficient, the Realtor will no longer be seen as the primary source of real estate information. The home was obviously neglected, but not to the point of no return. There are many people who tend to be allergic to their home and they don't know why.

The carpet may require wet cleaning or dry cleaning. You should use mattress covers to protect the bed from dust mites and bed bugs. The flooring design should be made of wood material and be sure to add elegant carpets and animal skin rugs for warmth. There are over 200 allergens in an average household.

Thankfully, an individual has believed regarding the idea of carpet cleaner rentals. Professionals know that, and that is why they will carry several different kinds of spotters and stain removers on their truck. For instance, the person that is prone to asthma attacks or other respiratory issues should be especially cautious of carpets that are not cleaned regularly. One of the best techniques you can use to maintain the beauty of your carpet is to vacuum as often as possible. Recently I searched the internet for a free online Reiki course, just to see what people have to offer.

Small but equally important details such as fibre content, country of origin, quality, clear comparisons, between rugs etc, are facts they should be well versed with. Bruce's Company surprises a lot of office administrators with their low prices every time which creates return consumers. I am pretty convinced that you will be able to come across some fine options on the internet.

This way you will have one thin notebook of addresses rather than a box, drawer, bulletin board, or address strung out over your home. You can also send this on any jewelry store and they will do the cleaning for you. Problem is most people don't know how to get started or even where to begin. Leave it for about half an hour and go back and thoroughly rinse your tub out.

As far as I can tell, his blog, powered by WordPress, is updated almost daily with the latest offers from companies such as Easy Bake, Wal Mart and Pantene. Contrary to what you might be used to, merchants at the Grand Bazaar are generally offended if you simply pay the asking price. Winter colors are mostly used in the winter and on the other hand spring time colors are used to brighten up the room and to put in a beautiful touch to the decor.

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Party Cruise 3 days – Halong Castaway Tour

Halong bay

Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage site in Vietnam twice recognized by UNESCO – in 1994 and 1999. With almost 2000 islands rising from the emerald water of the Gulf of Tonkin, Ha Long is an excellent example of a Karst landscape created by a complex chain of millions of years of geological movement.

A local legend tells the following tale of the origins of Ha Long Bay:
"Long ago, the Viet people were attacked by foreign aggressors. The Jade Emperor sent the Mother Dragon and her band of Dragon Children to help the Viet people fight the invaders. While the enemy vessels were launching massive attacks against the mainland, the dragons descended in flocks from the sky. They spat out innumerable pearls which changed into jade stone islands the moment they touched the water. These islands linked together to form firm citadels that checked the enemy’s advance and smashed their vessels to pieces.

After the invaders were driven out, Mother Dragon and her Dragon Children did not return to Heaven but stayed on earth, right at the place where the battle occurred. The spot where the Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long, and where the Dragon Children came down was Bai Tu Long."

Halong floating village

This floating village of about 50 families has a population between 200 and 300 residents, including almost 100 children.

These families have lived in this village for generations. The village is a "floating village" with no structures built on land. Traditionally, income for food and potable water (imported from the mainland) came solely from fishing. Now tourism provides an additional source of income.

Their floating houses look spacious and clean. One community house is where villagers come to have meetings. This is also the place where tourists stop over to buy traditional handmade items.

It is interesting to see the lively children going to "school". Their bustling calls and the sound of their oars breaking water enliven the atmosphere of the quiet bay. Looking at the small boats driven by tiny oars and the radiant faces of the children going to school, one feels confident in a bright future for the fishing village.

Titop Island

Situated about 7-8 km south-east of Bãi Cháy lies the small Ti Tốp Island. It displays a beach shaped like a crescent moon, and sand that has been washed to a snowy white by the tide. On 22 November 1962, this tiny island had the honour of receiving a visit from astronaut Ghermann Ti Tốp, a hero of the former Soviet Union, accompanied by Hồ Chí Minh. To perpetuate the remembrance of their visit, Uncle Hồ named the place Ti Tốp Island. It has now become an attractive beach for tourists and has various of tourist services

Thirty-five years afterwards, on 27 June 1997, Ti Tốp returned to the island having his name. Deeply moved, he wrote in the souvenir book of the Management Board of Hạ Long Bay: "My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island." It has become a beach attracting many visitors.

Sung Sot cave (Amazing cave)

Ascending to the grotto, the way is covered by trees and foliage, and consists of great paved stone blocks.
Inside, it is partitioned into two chambers; the first one being similar to a wide theatre hall. Many strangely shaped stalactites hang from the high ceiling.
A narrow passage leads to the second room, where a flow of light meets visitors. The chamber is so immense it could contain thousands of people at one time.
At the deepest point of the grotto, a "royal garden" appears with a clear pond and a seemingly fascinating landscape of mountains. Many birds and plants (benjamin figs, cycads and centenary banyan trees) live here. On fine days groups of monkeys might arrive in search of fruit.

Day and Night grotto

At the water-level, an arched entrance leads to the grotto, just at the base of the island. Passing through the pretty entrance, you come across a tranquil round lake, surrounded by luxuriant trees and high dangerous stone walls. Monkeys run to and fro in groups, benjamin fig trees shade the landscape and many orchids hang their sweet-scented flowers. In the lake, many species abound: shrimp, fish, crab and cuttle-fish.
This is an enclosed group of islands. It connects with the sea via a 4-meter-wide, 100-meter-long, and 3-meter-high mouth. Inside the grotto, the 1-km2 brackish lake is surrounded by mountains. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which prove that men used to live there and this must have been a deep valley then.
The beauty of the site, is the mingling of a number of factors: the mountain’s size and form, the color of the water and the clouds.

Ba trai Dao Islet

This island consists of three small mountains with the height of 23 m, seen from afar, resemble three peaches (Ba Trái Đào).
The island connects to a legend of about the romantic love between a youngest fairy who was very pretty with a young and poor fisherman. Because of feeling in love with him, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him, that if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever. The King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.
Today, Ba Trái Ðào is a famous tourist attraction with three nice fairy beaches, romantic landscape. It is 22 km from south north of Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf.

Soi Sim Island

Explaining for the name "Soi Sim", the locals said that in the past, the major plant on the island was Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (called "sim" in Vietnamese). Therefore, the island was named after that plant, "Soi Sim".

Soi Sim Island has an area of 8.7 ha. On the island, there are two 200-meter hills covered by a green primeval forest. This primeval forest is home to many species of flora, especially endemic plants. This is the result of thousands of years isolated from the mainland.

Coming to Soi Sim Island, tourists will be impressed by peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of green primeval forest and blue sea. There are two charming beaches on the island with white sand and clear seawater. These are the preferred beaches of tourists on the holiday on Halong Bay. Moreover, from the top of the hills on Soi Sim Island, tourists will have great views to the spectacular scenery of Halong bay.

Recently, Soi Sim Islandis received more regards in developing tourism. Halong Bay Management Board set up a plan to planning the island to be an eco-tourist site which brings both economic interest and value of preservation. In the near future, Soi Sim Island will become an attractive holiday resort right in the center of Halong Bay, the World Natural Heritage.

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